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Yash Goyal
Hi, I'm Yash, and I am a backend and blockchain developer. During my 5 years of programming experience, I have worked as a freelance blockchain developer for about 5 years and full time backend and blockchain developer for about 2.5 years, working on a variety of projects across different domains.

I'm particularly skilled in MERN stack, smart contract development, golang and python. I've worked on several projects ranging from web applications to blockchain projects. In fact, I've won a few blockchain hackathons, including the Chainlink spring 2023, Berkeley Web3/ZKP hackathon, Encode Wormhole Hackathon and a few Ethglobal hackathons.

Overall, I'm passionate about software development and am always looking for new challenges to push myself further.
Awards & Recognition
1st Prize from Ethereum Foundation & 1st prize from Near Foundation
2024 - EthDam '24
1st Prize from Superteam UK
2024 - Buildspace UK Demo Day
2nd Prize from Worldcoin & 3rd Prize from Ethereum Foundation
2024 - Ethglobal London
EthOxford Finalist, 2nd prize from Solana Foundation, and 1st prize from Bitso
2024 - EthOxford
2nd Prize in Defi Category
2023 - Chainlink Constellation
2nd Prize from Lukso
2023 - BuildUP #2
2nd Prizes from WalletConnect and Peanut Protocol, and 3rd prize from iExec
2023 - EthLisbon
EthLondon 2nd Prize, Triple 1st Prizes from Google Cloud, Trias and Flare Network, and 2nd Prize from API3
2023 - EthLondon
Finalist and 1st prize in chainlink functions category
2023 - Oxford Hack
2nd Prize in Governance Track by Railgun and 3rd Prize by Base
2023 - EthRome Hackathon
1st Prize in CCIP and 1st Prize in Other Services Categories
2023 - Chainlink SmartCon Hacker House
Second Prize from Request Network & Third Prize from Celo Foundation
2023 - EthWarsaw Hackathon
Best Use of Lit Protocol and Honorable Mention from Worldcoin
2023 - Ethglobal Paris Hackathon
Double 1st prize from Wormhole and Moonbeam
2023 - Encode Wormhole Hackathon
2nd Place in "Tech for Good" Category
2023 - Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon
2nd Place in "Decentralizing our identity" Category by optimism
2023 - EthGlobal Lisbon Hackathon
1st Place in "ZKP for enabling mobile-use case" Category by Celo
2023 - Berkeley Web3/ZKP Hackathon
Best Gaming Project
2023 - EthForAll Hackathon
Discover my latest work
The Agrosurance project is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the agriculture industry by providing a transparent, reliable, and decentralized solution for agricultural insurance and liquidity management.
Trustpoint - Deals made simple
Trustpoint - Deals made simple
Trustpoint revolutionizes deal-making between gaming studios and celebrities using decentralized smart contracts. Eliminating traditional, slow, and expensive paper-based processes, Trustpoint enhances efficiency, security, and transparency for both parties. By automating transactions, it not only cuts costs but ensures faster collaborations with reduced intermediaries.
Trustky - Privacy Centered Resume Builder
Trustky - Privacy Centered Resume Builder
Trustky is a cutting-edge resume builder designed with privacy and data security as its core principles. It empowers users to create their perfect resumes while ensuring full control over their personal data. With Trustky, users can fetch credentials from platforms like GitHub, LinkedIn, and Upwork, decide which information to make public, and encrypt the rest for added privacy.
Peermatch is an innovative AI-driven platform designed to foster meaningful professional connections. By integrating advanced algorithms, LENS protocol, and on-chain data, it matches individuals based on their professional interests, goals, and backgrounds. Emphasizing the power of quality over quantity, Peermatch connects you with the right peers for impactful collaborations.
Proof Of Picture
Proof Of Picture
Proof of Picture is a revolutionary marketplace connecting publications with verified, real-time images from conflict zones. Leveraging C2PA technology, it ensures photo authenticity, while facilitating payment and connectivity between photographers and publishers. Citizens can now contribute genuine news images and get rewarded, bridging the gap in war zone journalism.
Cross Chain DAO
Cross Chain DAO
The Cross-Chain Governance Protocol uses Wormhole to enable decentralized voting across multiple blockchains. DAOs on Ethereum can seamlessly tally votes from other networks like Polygon or BSC. This saves token holders from costly and inconvenient chain transfers, streamlining governance with integrated staking and proposal tools.
Let's see what my clients say
"I highly recommend Yash for any project requiring a talented web3 developer. Yash demonstrated a deep understanding of blockchain technology and programming across multiple chains and programming models. During his time at Serenity Games, working on the Smashverse game, Yash built and tested applications involving ERC-20, ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens as well as bridging assets across chains. He exhibited a high level of professionalism and attention to detail and consistently met deadlines while providing valuable insights to help us improve the project. I am glad to have worked with Yash and I am certain he will make an exceptional addition to any project in the blockchain space!"
Timo Tuominen
Timo Tuominen
CTO at Serenity Games
"I stumbled into Yash on Codementor or some such site, a couple of years ago. Yash has helped me develop web3 dapps for a couple of years. He is an expert at JavaScript, React, NodeJs, and Next.js, as well as EVM issues web3js, ethers, Hardhat, and Solidity. If I have a problem, he can almost always fix it quickly."
Eric Falkenstein
Eric Falkenstein
President at Falken Asset Management
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